I encourage you to join us on our exciting journey of Changing the Dental Caring Experience.


RED INTERNATIONAL has been a valuable partner for more than twelve years, serving dental professionals, general practitioners and specialists alike who reside in Romania.


Our approach to medical care is timeless and evolving. We strive ourselves to bring the best technology, finest equipment, innovative instruments and top quality dental related materials worldwide to help improve the way we perform dentistry in Romania.


At RED International, we recognize that our dental community has a choice of how and where to get the best “tools” for their profession and it is that recognition that drives our high standards of quality.


In an exceedingly competitive market, we also understand the value of the services we offer and have our customers become accustomed. Our suppliers are vital to the successful transformation of our businesses. Together we are helping our customers achieve success in a variety of ways, including high quality educational programs.


Our people are proud of our products. Through innovation and enterprise, we are positioning our businesses for profitable growth. Through an intelligent and visionary application of our technological resources, we aim to lead the dental sector’s sustainable development.



Loredana Simion  |  Founder, CEO & President

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